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Overcoming loss in the rubble of Gaza
29 September 2014

New supplies bring hope to Syrian schools
26 September 2014

Protecting vulnerable children through government support for families
23 September 2014

In Egypt, preschool brings a sense of normalcy to Syrian refugee children
22 September 2014

In Nigeria, social mobilizers fight Ebola – and misinformation
17 September 2014

In Gaza, children go back to school after a devastating summer
16 September 2014 with video

In Somalia, emergency airlifts supply towns unreachable by road
15 September 2014 with video

UNICEF Executive Board turns its focus to child protection
12 September 2014

In Cameroon, struggling to address a polio outbreak
11 September 2014

UNICEF Executive Board puts focus on record number of children living in emergencies
09 September 2014 with video

Treating the hidden wounds of Gaza's children
08 September 2014

Displaced in northern Iraq, a mother protects her children
05 September 2014

In Ghana, an effort to abolish violent discipline in schools
03 September 2014

Finding a safe space for learning in a country beset by violence
20 August 2014 with video

In Burkina Faso, simple and sustainable solutions for rural communities’ water needs
19 August 2014

In Niger, help for children living on the streets
18 August 2014 with video

In Nigeria, a message for maternal and child health
15 August 2014

A young girl dreams, despite adversity
14 August 2014 with video

In a country in conflict, a single hospital for children
12 August 2014 with video



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